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29 September 2022
Bulgarian Comunism
General Information
Name of the ProjectBulgarian Society during the second half of the 20th century
Institution New Bulgarian University
Web-page http://www.nbu.bg
Copyright New Bulgarian University
Project Content
  • Assoc. Prof. Veselin Metodiev email:
  • Assoc. Prof. Evelina Kelbecheva email:
  • Assoc. Prof. Antonina Jeliazkova
  • PhD Ekaterina Nikova email:
  • Valerii Rusanov
  • Assis. Prof. Svetlana Lomeva email:
  • Roza Kondova
  • Dimitar Bodurov
  • Veselin Chertoyanov
  • Project Objectives 1. Building up a data base with authentic documentation representing the status of Bulgarian society and country during the second half of 20th century.
    2. Creation of Bachelor and Master programs in New Bulgarian University
    3. Organization of scientific conferences
    4. A set of anthologies publication
    Context/General Description The project aims to collect and classify authentic documents and witness stories concerning the status of the society and Bulgarian state during the second half of the 20th century. They are divided into the following areas:
    - Economics
    - Internal policy
    - Foreign policy
    - Public opinion
    - Education
    - Science
    - Natural sciencies
    - Demography
    - Minorities
    - Folklore

    After 1944 historicla and social investigations were subordinated to the centralized sysytem of the party and the state. The facts and events were explained throughout the history of the political party – state.The educational research activities on the project aim to collect and organize an authentic data base of original materials. These materials are the basis of the historical research.
    Outcomes 1. Information data base of an archive documentation was created.
    2. Interviews with the following persons are carried out:

    prof. Alexander Fol, Anri Kulev, Antonii Galabov, Belcho Belchev, Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, Bojana Apostolova, Bojidar Dimitrov, Boyan Penkov, Valko Stoev, Gancho Savov, Marin Genchev, Hristo Genchev, Georgy Jeliazkov, prof. Georgy Stoilov, Dimitar Ludjev, Doncho Donchev – The American, Acad. Evgeny Golovinsky, Ekaterina Tomova, Zlatina Todeva, acad. Ivan Uhnovsky, Ismet Sever, Kiril Vatev, Kliment Vuchev, Acad. Konstantin Kosev, Koprinka Chervenkova, Liliana Stefanova, Maria Kapon, Mosko Avramovich, Mohamed Uzunkash, Prof. Nadejda Dragova, Nikola Daskalov, prof. Nikolay Vasilev, Nikolay Petkov, Ognian Minchev, Petko Bocharov, prof. Petar Beron, Petar Mejdurechky, acad. Petya Vasileva, Rada Moskova, Rozalina Novachkova, Rumen Avramov, Savcho Savchev, Svetla Bachvarova, Svetoslav Shehov, Dr. Stefan Dobrinov, Stefan Slavchev, Suleiman Gavazov, prof. Todor Valchev, Haralan Alexandrov, prof. Cvetana Todorova, prof. Cocho Boyadjiev, Jurii Aslanov

    3. The information data base is digitalized and published in Internet.
    4. The first anthology from the set is printed out.
    Publications/Bibliographies “The history populated with humans: Bulgarian society during the second half of the 20th century” – Sofia, Gutenberg, 2005
    Archives, Informational Resources
    Archive Type 1. State Archieve
    2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs archieve
    3. Archieve of Georgy Dimitrov
    4. Archieve of Vasil Kolarov
    5. Archieve of Traicho Kostov
    6. Archieve of Valko Chervenkov
    7. Parliament stock
    8. Archieve of the Holy Synod of Bulgarian Orthodox Church
    9. Archieve of the Department of Ecclesiastical Matters in the Ministry of Foreign affairs
    10. Archieve of the Political Bureau of Bulgarian Communist Party
    11. Regional researches
    12. Oral intervews
    13. Press
    14. Literature
    15. Art
    16. Memories
    17. Diaries
    18. Witness stories
    Format 1. Hard copies
    2. Electronic carriers
    3. Audio tapes
    4. Internet
    Accessibility The intervews are published in the anthology “The history populated with humans: Bulgarian society in the second half of the 20th century”.

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