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08 December 2021
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24 October 2008
"The Monuments of the Communist Regime"

Trace Project is a cultural project for evaluation of the hereditary value of architectural monuments from the socialistic period in Bulgaria, that is meant to integrate them into the social and cultural space of the contemporary city. The problems encompass the question about the meaning of these monuments today and their potential as architectural and urban works of art, cultural phenomena and component parts of the city landscape.

The target of this project is to open a public debate about the future of the architectural monument compounds. A debate that would cast a light through analytical and creative approach, on the questions and expectations, that these spots raise. Our team's task is to collect all views and opinions, without any taboos, and to formulate the expectations of the European citizens, regarding the re-construction of the public areas, impregnated with memories, that fill up our city territories. The project offers to make a work platform, in which anyone could leave a trace of their own memory, concerning the monumental city area.

In the frame of Trace Project managed by Archinef association (Lyon, France), Sand Glass Association and „Images–A-Mot“ collective (Paris, France).


24 October (Friday) 2008, 9.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., Red hall, Centre for Debate and Culture Red House,

The Monuments of the Communistic Regime in the Contemporary European Town. A Disputable Future?
interdisciplinary seminar

24 October (Friday) 2008, 7.00 p.m. Red hall

The Monument in Front of the National Palace of Culture – What to Do?

Right after its mere erection in 1981 the monument, dedicated to 1300 years of founding the Bulgarian State, became notorious among Sofia inhabitants. Today, 27 years later, it is in an obsolete state and is collapsing hazardously. Do we have to restore it, and on whose expense- the state’s or the municipality’s? Shall we demolish it in arder to create a green area in the urbanized Sofia downtown?.... Do we have to preserve it as a symbol of the unattained communism – half finished, put together with poor materials, but always on time for the next official opening? This debate aims at articulating the different positions of Sofia Municipality, the State, intellectuals, urban planners, the collective for its restoration and stakeholders.

Participants: Hristo Drumev (Executive Director of the National Palace of Culture, founder and Head of Board of Directors of "Made in Bulgaria" Union), arch. Todor Bulev (deputy - chairman of Board of Directors of Union of Bulgarian Architects), Luchezar Boiadzhiev (sculptor) and Petur Dikov (Sofia major architect)

Moderator - Georgiy Lozanov
In Bulgarian

24 October (Friday) 2008, 6.00 p.m. – opening
25 October–6 November, between 3.00 p.m.. and 7.00 p.m, except Saturday Nameless hall, Gulliver hall
Archinef Association (Lyon, France), „Images–A-Mot“ collective (Paris, France) and Sand Glass Association (Sofia) present:

photo exhibition

This photo exhibition offers authors’ points of view concering the monuments of our communist past. It represents the authors' points of view and presents photos of Nadezhda Yurukova, Boris Misirkov & Georgi Bogdanov, Aleksandur Yordanov, Nikola Mihov, Krassimir Umarsky, Marko Krojac.

20 October 2010
Call For Papers: The Balkans in the Cold War
an international conference that will study the region in the context of the Cold War.
18 May 2010
Book Presentation "This is My Past"
Institute for Studies of the Recent Past and CIELA Publishers have the pleasure to invite you to the public promotion of the two volume collection

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