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07 December 2022
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On this page you can browse the frequently updated bibliography of publications related to the critical reading of communism in Bulgaria. The books and articles published in Bulgarian you can sort and list through the BG version of the portal while the foreign language publications you can check through the EN version.

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Veneta Ivanova
Socialism with an Occult Face: Aesthetics, Spirituality, and Utopia in Late Socialist Bulgaria
East European Politics and Societies, and Cultures, 2022 | issue: 36 / 2
Milena Angelova
"The Epopee with 'The Epopee' or the Building of the Panorama 'The Epopee of Pleven 1977'"
Balkanistic Forum, 2014 | issue: 1-2-3
Assen Ignatow
"Rationality or Irrationality in Communist Behavior"
Crossroads (Jerusalem), Winter-Spring, p. 155-188., 1982 | issue: 8
Boris Christoff
"Bulgaria: The Value of Scapegoats"
Problems of Communism Journal, 1962 | issue: Vol. XI, No.3
Suman Gupta, Milena Katsarska
"The Official Record and the Receptive Field: Zlatyu Boyadzhiev in Communist Times"
Konsthistorisk tidskrift/Journal of Art History, 2010 | issue: 79
Mary Neuburger
“Veils, Shalvari, and Matters of Dress: Unravelling the Fabric of Women's Life in Communist Bulgaria”
In: David Crowly and Susan E. Reid (Eds.): Style and Socialism. Modernity and Material Culture in Post-War Eastern Europe. Oxford/New York: Berg, 2000 | issue: 79
Michael Palairet
"'Lenin' and 'Brezhnev': Steel Making and the Bulgarian Economy, 1956 - 1990"
In: Europe-Asia Studies, 1995 | issue: 47:3
Petăr Petrov
“Redefining the Village Community. Religious and Socialist Public Feasts in a Bulgarian Village”
n: Christian Giordano and Dobrinka Kostova, Evely Lohmann-Minka (Eds.): Bulgaria Social and Cultural Landscapes. Fribourg: University Press Fribourg, 2000 | issue: 47:3
Petăr Petrov
“Sozialistische Arbeitsfeiern im Betrieb: Konzept und Umsetzung”
In: Klaus Roth (Ed.): Arbeit im Sozialismus – Arbeit im Postsozialismus. Erkundungen zum Arbeitsleben im Östlichen Europa. Münster: LIT, 2004 | issue: 47:3
Klaus Roth, Juliana Roth
“The System of Socialist Holidays and Rituals in Bulgaria”
In: Ethnologia Europaea, 1990 | issue: 20
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