Bulgarian Comunism
VADEMECUM - Contemporary History Bulgaria
AuthorIskra Baeva and Stefan Troebst
PublisherBerlin - Sofia, 2007
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A guide to archives, research institutions, libraries, associations, museums and sites of memory.

This guide is compiled for Bulgarian and foreign researchers interested in the phenomenon called »Socialism in Bulgaria« as well as for everyone who, for one reason or another, is interested in Bulgaria during the communist period which started at the end of the Second World War and ended with the collapse of the Soviet system in Eastern Europe in 1989. Accordingly, the basic aim of its compilers (Iskra Baeva, Evgenia Kalinova, Nikolay Poppetrov and Vanya Stoyanova) was to enable, to guide and to help the (fortunately) growing interest in this stage of contemporary Bulgarian history which is still named and defined in different ways as »real socialism«, »Soviet regime«, »communist dictatorship« or »Stalinist totalitarianism«. This difference of notions and evaluations is due to both the ideological burden and the insufficient knowledge of the historical factuality, and in itself argues for the necessity of studies of all aspects of Bulgarian postwar history. That is why we want to present our view on this particular part of the history of Bulgaria in a broader historical context.

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SubjectsEveryday life/Society/Memory, Minaroties/Subcultures, Culture/Elites/Dissidents, Emigration/Opposition/Repression, Ideology/Power, Economy/Government/Leaders, Available for Download

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